A historical scientific conference will be held on Saturday 21 April 2019 on the recent discovery of a sarcophagus which, according to the most recent research, would have contained the body of the general master of the Temple, Arnau de Torroja.

The skeleton found inside the tomb is now subjected to specific analyzes to confirm its belonging to the general master.

The conference was organized to take stock of the research and to allow those interested in the history of the Order of the Temple to learn about the archaeological and archival methodologies put into practice during the study of this artifact.

The participation of the L.A.R.T.I. at this important appointment, since the scientific director of the research is dr. Giampiero Bagni, member of the association.

LARTI will also be present with its president Loredana Imperio, who will speak on Saturday late morning with a report on the Templar presence in Verona, and with Sergio Sammarco, head of the C.I.D.O.T., who will moderate the meeting.