The discovery was made in the area of the church of San Fermo and could be of great interest because that could be the only tomb of a Grand Master of the Order of the Templars

More scientific details will be provided at a press conference scheduled for April 21st. Meanwhile, an exclusive preview was given to TgVerona and confirms the hypothesis studied by the University of Bologna, Barcelona, ​​Nottingham, Harvard and Copenhagen: in the area of ​​the church of San Fermo in Verona there is really the tomb of the Great Master of the Templar Order Arnoldo di Torroja . The decisive proof seems to have been provided by the DNA examination performed on the remains found inside the tomb which was supposed to belong to Arnoldo di Torroja, a Spanish hero at the head of the Tamplari Order between 1181 and 1184 and who died in Verona. The discovery could be of great interest, not only for the fascination that the Templars have developed over time, but above all because that of San Fermo could be the only tomb of a Grand Master.