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The Catholic Templars of Italy

They are a private association of Catholic faithful established according to canons 215/216 – Titulus I, de omnium christifidelium obligationibus et iuribus; can. Take a look at 5 euro einzahlen casino. 321 to 326 – Titulus V, Caput III, de christifidelium consociationibus privatis of the Code of Canon Law.

The association came to life at the beginning of the 21st century starting from Northern Italy and the headquarters is in Verona at the church of San Fermo Maggiore, where a 13th century medieval tomb was found containing the remains of what could be the ninth Master General of the Ancient Order of the Temple, Arnau de Torroja.

Since 2012 the Catholic Templars of Italy have begun to obtain a vast local consensus in numerous Italian Dioceses: the Association, in fact, has for some years boasts the authorization to operate and the diocesan recognition by at least seven bishops of large Italian cities , including Verona, Naples, Ascoli Piceno and others.

They distinguish themselves from other similar realities for the numbers: 2.500 members, 200 offices in Italy, 100 priests for the spiritual care of souls; for the propensity to volunteer; for openness to the entire population of the faithful: among their ranks there are women and men from all backgrounds.



The Association’s activities are described in the public declaration of intent:

Awaken the values of chivalry and the tradition of the Poor Knights of Christ called Templars, through common prayer and meditation, the defense of the Catholic faith and historical studies.

Presiding over the countless abandoned churches, maintaining them with decorum and opening them to the population of the faithful at least a few days a month; above all by preventing its use by evil operators.

Fighting against esotericism and black magic, especially among young people; cleaning operations against Satanists working in the dioceses.

On many occasions they are present in the cities for testimonies of faith such as silent walks for faith, voluntary services during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, the custodianship of dozens of churches throughout Europe, the extraordinary exposition of the Holy Shroud, the support during the Marian processions.


The Catholic Templars are recognizable by their simple clothes that they wear during the numerous voluntary services: they are white with a red cross on the chest and on the left side of the cloak.

Restoration project

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