The Magister’s truth “Arnau is in the grave”

“My heart says that inside the tomb is Arnau de Torroja, Magister Templar, who died in 1184 in Verona and buried here in San Fermo”.

Mauro Giorgio Ferretti, Magister Temples of the Catholic Templars, has no doubts, whom we interviewed exclusively about the sensational discovery of what appears to be the only Templar tomb in the world.

“Apart from the clues, which are many – explained Ferretti – and also the facts, which lead to this type of conclusion, from the first moment, since three years ago, during a prayer vigil in the cloister of San Fermo I was literally attracted by this sarcophagus, I think he is the only General Master ever found in the world “.

A belief that is also strengthened by what was found inside this tomb, up to three years ago, seems incredible, submerged in waste.

“Obviously inside there is the skeleton, in good condition – explains Ferretti – and in addition to this there were traces of the shroud in which Arnau was wrapped. There are no weapons, because in the Templar tradition, these were not placed in the tombs , but they were passed down. When a knight died, even a Master General passed his sword to his successor. “

This discovery makes Verona the new capital of the Templars. Great universities are completing exams on what has been discovered, from that of Jerusalem to that of Barcelona, arriving at Harvard University. The results, which will be unveiled on April 21st during a large conference in San Fermo, what advantages can they bring to Verona?

“Surely cultural tourism, and in this case also spiritual, always brings great enthusiasts. In Verona – jokes the Magister – every year millions of people come to admire Juliet’s balcony, which is false, undoubtedly many will also come to visit a true tomb of a Templar Master. Think that around the world it is estimated that there are over 50 million fans of the Templar Order, its history, its charm and even its mystery. Certainly not of the theories invented by Dan Brown to sell his books”.

On April 21, as we said, the press conference in the auditorium of San Fermo. From the following day, the Catholic Templars will organize guided excursions to discover the many traces left in Verona by this ancient knightly order.

“Since we have the strength to do so, thanks to the fifty Knights Templar who are in the city, we are able to organize strictly free visits along an itinerary strewn with Templar signs and symbols that are found in eight city churches. So Veronese and tourists alike. they can be accompanied on a real little pilgrimage dedicated to this Order “.

Waiting for Arnau de Torroja to finally be revealed to the whole world.