The guy wants to draw and despite his normalcy, they are a rather thoughtful, nurturing individual

Geo is simply a standard guy, while also not-being very chatty He is ready to stake his own life exactly in danger to save/protect his buddies.

For a few strange explanation, despite their amazing energy, the guy seems to have an aversion to battling, only using their full-power whenever the circumstances completely requires it.

Capabilities and performance:

As an individual, Geo got come to be incredibly strong and difficult as nails/durable as diamond while flexible, when he previously come transported towards newer universe. The guy can run toe-to-toe with a few seasoned Teoran fighters, despite not being officially trained in resist. Ergo, why he’s known as a “very being”.

However as a result of appearing for no previous experience in differing combat skills or close fighting enjoy, this means that king Gwain has stated he might be stronger if the guy fully teaches and harnesses his abilities. This is the reason why she desired to extinguish their existence prematurely when it wasn’t for Ami’s intervention. Just king Gwain and Luna possess power required to eliminate humans, such as for example Geo. Thank goodness, he’s already been fortunate both for of those to free their lifestyle for the time being.

Actual Abilities:

Considering their individual biology being altered for the new world of Teora, which will need gravity not as much as Earth’s, the guy can adapt to a lot of Teora’s dangerous faunas. After training thoroughly with Gwain and Marlow, their energy, speed, performance, weight, and density have increased significantly beyond any/most experienced Teoran fighters. Their biggest use of his performance in eliminate, try his performance and longevity.

His longevity try immense, having the ability to endure all Gwain’s immediate attacks, along with her performance ray for longer levels of time, on two occasions, and survive being ran more than by multiple practice vehicles by a full-speed train, although hurt a damaged arm and cuts throughout the techniques. When he makes use of their full strength, he is capable of incredible feats such as picking right up a giant galleon expense quickly, or defeating Tahjin in one punch, and submit your flying a lot of miles away.


In the beginning, he seemed to do not have past overcome skills nor experience upon arriving in Teora. Though he had enormous prospective. His skill and electricity grew overtime with detailed intensive instruction by Gwain and, then e an adept swordsman, being extremely skilled with his EXE-Blade. Furthermore, this education enabled your to understand just how to transform their EXE-Blade into its rifle type, rendering it an effective ranged weapon.


Geo’s worst weakness was their lack of secret. He’s not able to do just about anything as more Teorans is capable of doing such as for example travel, teleport, write programs or ground for themselves, or move. He appears to be easily affected by miracle, taking tremendous scratches as a result unlike hardly being scraped by physical assaults.

Because of his better body weight and occurrence, he are unable to swimming, but instead sinks in h2o. This means the guy may potentially feel sunken underwater with little to no to no chance for floating back up towards the surface, that has been until the guy had gotten the scuba Suit to negate that problem.

Geo does perhaps not incorporate their full power unless tend to be dreadful conditions in battles, shedding or drawing most battles he may have conveniently acquired. It’s already been even talked-about by Gwain and Luna.


Upon introduction in to the arena of Teora, his only belongings happened to be the clothing on his again, with his backpack, which contained their sketchbook. Given that they are produced in the world, how much they weigh increased significantly on Teora (by Teoran criteria).